New book release

New Book Release!

A History of Love and Now

By A.S. Mink

It’s 1977, and 17-year-old Anise moves with her father to the remote gothic estate, Brackfar Castle. Early one evening, she sees a ghostly murder in the deserted forest near her home.

Later, on returning to her bedroom, she discovers a secret cache of letters hidden in the wall, written in 1803 by a young woman named Danaë. These letters open a window onto a two-hundred-year-old crime – the murder of a brother and sister.

Ireland’s rich and troubled past never dies, as Anise discovers when she falls in love with the mysterious Connor from the village, and they set out to unlock the secrets of her ghost-plagued family home. But is Connor really who he says he is…

Suffused in myth and Irish folklore and constructed as two narrative strands that become entwined, Anise uncovers a dangerous world of mystery and murder she thought had long passed.

The new book release of A.S. Mink’s literary novel is finally here! A History of Love and Now expertly blends the elements of magical realism with an intriguing murder mystery. A must read for 2024!

“[The] sample material is alive with imagination, abounds with stylistically creative flourishes and is suffused with atmosphere from the first page to the last.” – The Literary Consultancy

“[The] writing is highly accomplished, and [She has] a fascinating double narrative (or triple narrative if you count the folktale). The main setting, 1970s Ireland during the height of the Troubles, is a bold one and works really well – lots of material for plot and character conflict, which makes for a powerful story.” – Cornerstones Literary Consultancy

“[The] story is incredibly imaginative and unique. […] [Mink’s] writing style is wonderful and so readable.” – Blue Pencil Agency Literary Consultants

“A thought-provoking look at two fascinating periods of history and the way forgiveness sets us free.” – The Writers’ Workshop

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