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Spring is finally here, and I'm excited about the prospect of more sunshine after the long, gloomy winter. As you may already know, I've been busy with various creative projects. For instance, I drew a beautiful swan on the window of a lovely bookshop in Velp. Additionally, I've been thinking of making my book extra special for collectors. Being an artist, I came up with the idea of creating feather-stamped and numbered editions. I'm thrilled with how the stamp turned out, and I hope you'll like it, too.
As you may have heard in my podcast, I've made a hundred miniatures inspired by scenes from the book. To make these editions even more special, I'm offering a unique work of art and its corresponding numbered edition (where available) for you to cherish. Please visit my shop to see the prices.

Miniature in a box

Book News

New Historical Novel

I am thrilled to share that my latest manuscript, a historical novel, has been sent to a second round of beta readers. It is scheduled to be released in August. Currently, I’m working hard on the cover design and the book blurb, while my readers are reviewing the book.
The story was inspired by my mother-in-law's childhood, which was both beautiful and tragic. Towards the end of her life her stories had become more intense and profound.

She told me about her half-brother who was forced to enlist in the German army during the Second World War and how he was sent off to Russia. Her mother could not save him because he wasn’t her biological son.
If you want to be the first to see the new cover, please subscribe to my newsletter. Plus, you'll receive a 10% discount coupon for your next purchase, while staying up to date regarding the up-coming publication.

A History of Love and Now

The book "A History of Love and Now" is still available at Jansen & De Feijter bookshop in Velp. However, if you're interested in a special edition, please visit my website shop. I’m going to run a promotion on the eBook, reducing the price to $0.99 or the equivalent in your currency for a week. So, if you'd like an extra copy, check out Amazon in your region on March 13th. The promotion will run from March 13th to March 20th.

Reading Corner

What I'm reading...
I am currently reading "Prophet Song" by Paul Lynch, a dystopian novel set in Ireland that follows the Stack family. The story takes place after a new government has been elected, and the country is slowly becoming a totalitarian staat.
Eilish, a mother of four, tries to maintain a sense of normalcy in her home after her husband is arrested. However, with children to care for, two of whom are teenagers, she must step up her efforts to keep her family safe.

"[...]instead of taking your address he takes you, puts you in the car, and where's the car going to, Molly, have a think about that, maybe it's going to where all the other cars go, the unmarked cars that pull up silently and lift people off the street because of one thing or another, you think because you're fourteen years old you can do what you like, that the state isn't interested in you, but they arrested those boys and those boys haven't yet been released and they're your age [...]"

The prose is beautifully crafted.

"He seizes the salt cellar by the throat and shakes it over his eggs [...]"

How menacing can shaking salt onto your breakfast be, but it oh so contributes to the feeling of danger closing in around you in the novel. I am enjoying the book enormously and can’t wait to continue reading this evening...
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