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Amazon Best Seller

Dear subscriber,

As we begin the new year of 2024, let us take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year. I am thrilled to have published my debut book, "A History of Love and Now" in July.

In November, I participated in a three-day giveaway for my novel, which resulted in over 2,400 downloads! I have received some fantastic 5-star reviews and as a result, it became a #1 best seller on four Amazon category lists! If you have enjoyed reading my book, please leave a review and/or rating on Amazon or Goodreads. Thank you for your support, and happy reading!

Podcast by Arnhems Fabrikaat

If you have been following me on social media, then you might have come across my posts about a wonderful podcast created by Arnhems Fabrikaat. This podcast is incredibly well-made and engaging. In it, I talk about the inspiration behind my book and the 100-Miniatures project, which is based on certain scenes from the book.
Listen to the podcast here!
And read the transcription here!
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My book is now available in bookshops

I am pleased to announce that my book "A History of Love and Now" is now available in several bookshops in Arnhem and the surrounding towns. Last Monday, during an exceptional frosty morning, I drew an illustration of the swan from the book cover on the shop window of Jansen & De Feijter in Velp. They made a lovely presentation in their shop window, featuring a swan's wing and a promotional poster. They even cleared an entire shelf in their shop and placed "A History of Love and Now" between the books of Sebastian Barry and Ian McEwan. I am grateful for the company my book now keeps and very pleased with the promotion.

Winter Snow

Last week, Arnhem was dusted in a thin layer of snow. It reminded me of my wonderful childhood in Ireland. What made snow so special in Ireland was that it would bring the country to a standstill. The school buses would remain in their parking spaces, and schools would close. I vividly remember the excitement I felt when I opened my bedroom curtains and was greeted by a frosty winter wonderland. Once outside, the magic of snow underneath my feet and the quietness of the land surrounding me made me feel I had woken up in a totally different world -- a world of magic and possibilities. I'd roam the woods near my house and imagine I was a princess from olden times, with homework and school far from my mind.

Years later, when reading the closing scene in "The Forgotten Waltz" by Anne Enright, I would remember just how special snow was in Ireland.

"The clouds have cleared, the sky is high and blue, the green dome of Rathmines church is still capped with white. The canal cuts a clean line under the bridge, the black water reflects the frozen water on its banks, and I am glad of the fresh air, my dreaming boots walking me into Dublin town."

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