Transcription of the podcast translated into English

Transcription of the podcast in English by A.S. Mink For sound click here! (Whispering voice) Does it have human eyes? When I was about thirteen, we moved to a large country house in Ireland in the middle of nowhere… near a small village. Strange things occurred there; for example, I’d wake up in the middle of the night and hear heavy breathing. It kept me awake, but I waited calmly for it to stop and Continue Reading…

Wild Children – Reminiscing a holiday in Ireland in the 1970s

Wild Children – Reminiscing a holiday in Ireland in the 1970s In Kilfinane we were known as wild children. And maybe we really were. What should have been another summer camping trip turned into something completely different. On the first night after arriving in Ireland, my parents and my aunt and uncle tried to put up a tent in gale force ten winds on the banks of a grey and rough lake, while we children, Continue Reading…

Books are wondrous things
Castle door

A Historical Murder Mystery

A Historical Murder Mystery: The Setting and Inspiration for A History Of Love And Now It was the autumn of 1977. I was thirteen, and my family had recently moved to a beautiful Georgian country house situated in the heart of Southern Ireland. When I started at the old convent school in the village, my classmates told me a murder had been committed in my house. According to village lore, a young woman and her Continue Reading…

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